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Maximize your family’s chance of survival by tuning your bug out plan to fit your budget, location and family situation. Designed by 20+ year special force operator veterans and survival experts, the Plan2BugOut cuts through the mythology of bugging out giving you a common sense, straightforward step-by-step bug out system. A huge percentage of bug out gear on the web is “dead weight” — meaning weight that might get you killed as you escape a disaster.

Take advantage of these many decades of experience and up your survivability (one of the ReadyMan Green Berets was ACTUALLY forced to bug out of a country, overland.)

The Plan2BugOut breaks your bug out system into three plans. Plan A prepares you to bug out by vehicle, with plenty of gear and lots of redundancy. Plan B assumes your vehicle is jammed up and sets you to the road in alternate transportation such as OHVs, motorcycles or bikes. Plan C gives you the best odds possible of making it to a safe location on-foot, tuning your kit for lightest weight and maximum speed.

Tap into the most-solid, boots-on-the-ground experience in bugging out through the ReadyMan Plan2BugOut.